Sunday, June 26, 2016

Rainy Days and Sundays

What a weekend! On Friday night the much anticipated Queen vs Queen finally happened. This is a "contest" that happens monthly, where two drag performers (king, queen, princess, whatever!) perform to see who is the best. It's a lot of good natured fun really, as noone cares who wins or loses.
So, after a bit of a roundabout process, I ended up going up against Polly Filla, who actually lives in Australia now, is a professional drag artist, and just happened to be back for a week! Eep! Polly is GORGEOUS, and SO GOOD, he is the best lip syncher I've ever seen perform by a long stretch.
Our poster!
Colin (Polly's alter ego) and I ended up hanging out together all week, sewing (he is a fantastic costumier as well) and of course we had some fun with a costume each in different styles from the same hidjus sequin fabric. We had a gag planned where we came out in the same costume and have a big fight about it. But, it also transpired that we already had matching costumes, which meant even more fun!
Matching corsets - they look more different because I put my fabric over purple and Polly put his over green. We even had matching brunette and hot pink hair!
Much fun was made of us "discovering" the matching over costumes, throwing a fit and stomping off to opposite ends of the stage to take off our matching outers, only to "discover" that we had matching unders too! Much to the absolute delight of the audience! Then we lip synched No More Tears, (Enough is Enough) and the audience voted. Completely ignoring the obvious bias of the Wellington crowd, we both declared the Emcee Stephii Onassis to be the winner. You can see a sliver of Stephii on the left. Yes he has a massive run in his tights and no he doesn't care.
ANYWAY, Colin stayed for the weekend, as we had another show on Sunday. I had a photo shoot at on Sunday morning so anyone who needed to could then attend the Pulse Fundraiser at 1pm (yup, another one).
This was us at the Fundraiser, Team Glamour! I honestly have no idea what I was trying to do with my eye game; it's terrifying and I blame it on having to get glammed up at 7am on a Sunday. One's judgement can be impaired by such things! Polly's makeup is art, every time. I peer at photos trying to work it all out, and watched it all being done, but he has had 20 years to perfect it.
The photo shoot was lots of fun and the fabulous Roxy was kind enough to take pics of me with friend Debbie, and also with Jack, my adopted son, when we were there to take group shots of contestants in the Grand Tease on 23 July (heaven help me!)
The fundraiser was as usual very long. We didn't get to leave until 4.30pm! Then it was home - sequin gown and eyelashes off, apron on and into making macaroni cheese in large quantities for the young drag performers coming over for a meeting about a show we are doing in a fortnight. They may be the most gorgeous and glamorous creatures when in drag, but underneath 22 year old men eat a LOT. I got the 'ronis and cheese bake and a banana cake in the oven, took off my makeup and took down my hair, and just then the doorbell goes and they swept in. Phew!
It was a very noisy evening and David retreated to the bedroom. But we got our show sorted, our rehearsal schedule sorted, and the dishes done.
Why the title of this post? Because it fair bucketed down all of Sunday, so dashes in and out of buildings and to and from cars in glamorous wigs and costumes and impractical shoes was an almighty pain in the pattoottie!
So, today I am pretty tired. But happy and yay! Tonight is the last of the installments of watching The Great British Sewing Bee with friends from the WSBN. A very different group to have over for dinner, but pretty much as noisy, albeit in more sensible shoes!


  1. Bah, who needs sensible shoes? Looks like an amazing lot of fun. I love the matching ensembles and your song of choice will be an ear worm with me all day. Xx

    1. it's not such a bad son to be stuck in your head though is it ;-)

  2. Looks like you both won this contest!

    1. Totally! It was hilarious and fun and the crowd loved it.