Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Do It Yourself!

It's nearly 5am, my nose is stuffed up again - my second go-round of cold in three weeks. It's not surprising though after a big weekend with three gigs in three days.
Friday and Saturday were a culmination of nearly a year's work by Debbie and I - we are The Pinot Sisters, Gris and Noir, and The Great DIY Burleskiwi is the annual event we produce, along with the bi-monthly Time Travel Cabaret.
Friday night was the Duos show - I love the dynamics of two performers on stage together! Saturday night was the Solos show.
Contestants are allowed a very small budget - $100 for solos and $175 for Duos. They can borrow one item, use one existing item, but otherwise from the skin out, that's it! It has to include shoes, underwear, overwear, head pieces, the works! The winner gets a sash in great DIY kiwi fashion, this time it was made from a Swan-dri, and a crown made from #8 fencing wire. It is such a clever idea and I was chuffed that Debbie asked me to co-produce it this year, as well as Emcee.
Debbie and I with Solos winner, Pixie Twist from Glamilton. Pixie and her partner Mr B Frank won the Duos as well, as Frank N Twist. They are a fantastic stage act!

Nonsense to What's New Pussycat

I love this photo - I look like some kind of crested pink poultry! 
On Sunday afternoon I sang at a fundraiser for Outerspaces, an organisation devoted to supporting LGBTQI+ youth, held in honour of V Burns, a much loved and missed lady who devoted her life to supporting the community, and who passed away later that same day. It was a beautiful event, hundreds of people come together to celebrate life, cry, laugh, and remember her indomitable spirit. RIP you beautiful diamond.