Wednesday, July 12, 2017

When my E string broke!

Hello my darlings! Clever Hansel and I entertained the crowd at the Duos DIY Burleskiwi with the Foodtard Song. Things got a bit complicated when the evil $20 op shop guitar busted a string and we abandoned it. Here's the video:

On the subject of the Evil Guitar, I had so much stuff to take home I left it at the Fringe Bar overnight, and it disappeared. Now why anyone would nick it when there were other guitars there is beyond me. My theory is that it absorbed into the stage area overnight, as the following night, so many things went wrong!


  1. I love that song. It is hilarious. I wish that I was over in NZ to see it in person. Thanks for the vid though. Sorry to hear that your guitar vanished. Maybe it will turn up when it is feeling less ashamed of itself. Xx

    1. We love doing it, it gets more and more outrageous! We keep thinking of new verses. As for that blinking guitar, I am not sure I ever want to see it again. It goes out of tune during the song it is so bad hehe