Wednesday, May 2, 2018

So much for Plan A!

Hello lovelies, my plan to blog about sewing has resulted in tumbleweed hehe. It does reflect the amount of sewing I have done to be honest, which is zip.
The lovely Emma from Emma's Atelier has told me that I need to put more details into my posts about makes, with close up photos and things. Well that makes a lot of sense! So, I will go back over a few posts like the Kimono one and do just that.
In the meantime here is a teaser about my latest make, which admittedly is a costume but it is very "sewisty" and uses lots of fun techniques.
Tomorrow I am off to the New Zealand Burlesque Festival for a long weekend, which means hanging out on the pretty village of Devonport on Auckland's  North Shore. I will be teaching at Cushla's Village Fabrics too, a Lampshade making class on Saturday morning! Might as well combine favourite pastimes to up the interest of the weekend eh!


  1. Beautiful.. Love the pretty colors. Hope you have a wonderful time and a good trip.

  2. Gorgeous outfit and your matching make-up is absolutely wonderful. I love the peacock colours. Hope that you had a nice time over the weekend. Burlesque and lampshades sounds like a hella fun weekend. :) Xx

  3. Hello, I'm back! It was overwhelming and exhausting but yes, it was fantastic fun all right! Lovely to see you guys thank for not forgetting me xo