Friday, May 11, 2018

Winifred Atwell and Me

I was in Facebook minding my own business when a second hand bookshop that I follow posted a photo of this sheet music from Winifred Atwell.
Called, "Let's Have a Gay and Hearty! Let's have a Ding-Dong"
I mean, how could I resist! I messaged them, they couriered it to me, it arrived today.
Naturally, I had PLANS for it. Ahem.

I can play that ding dong enough?


  1. Winifred Atwell played a much larger part in my childhood than she should have done. We had a few Gay and Hearties which featured her and Mrs Mills - my mother's favourites.

    1. I love her because she is BAT SH!T Crazy!

    2. You think she is bat shit crazy - listen to Gracie Fields!

    3. I think they were all coked up to be honest ;-)

  2. I have no idea who Winifred Atwell is but a Gay and Hearty sounds fine by me. Ding dong not so sure. :) What a fabulous find. I am off the You Tube to search Ms Atwell. Xx