Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cosy and comforting things for this cold weather

I don't know what the weather's like in 'furrin parts', but here in Kiwiland it's ferkin' cold. And wet. And windy. All the winter things!
Anyway to warm up our thoughts, I've been thinking about cosy things. Like tea cosies, and plunger cosies.

Here are both views of one I made this weekend that is travelling all the way to the UK as a present for some people who have willow pattern china. It's crazy patched - I'm not usually a blue and white lover but I am LOVIN' this one and am going to make more. Also the whole toile thing, I LOVE it!
Now this set I made for my kitchen. It goes very well with it too. Suits the oranges and reds etc. However now I am in love with toiles I'm not so sure I love this. How can I be so fickle at my age??!!
This is a vegetarian calzone I made for a pie competition at work tomorrow. I've made it look pielike in case someone decides that calzone is not really a pie. Pick, pick, pick. I made a fern for the top as it is my company's emblem. It's very yummy too - aubergine, tomato, red onion, spinach, cheese and olives. YUM. So there you go, comfort food and cosies. Bring on the winter weather, I can hack it now! :)


  1. I, on the other hand, am a blue and white lover and this cozy is fantastic. And the second one as well.

  2. Blue and white is always a good thing! Your next kitchen can need a blue and white cozy :-)

    And what company in NZ doesn't have a fern as its emblem?

  3. Hmm, not sure I'll ever want a blue and white one of mine own, but I have put together are rather scrummy black and ivory set including striped ticking and a toile, and some black with rose madder in it, that I nearly did last night but got distracted making cupcakes. It always come down to cupcakes... ;-)

  4. Cosies are so cute... the coffee doesn't last long enough in my plunger to make the most of my pukeho cosie :( The tea cosy is a great gift idea. Hugs Jx