Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's just a jump to the left...

...and a step to the right!
On Friday night Husband and I donned our silliest Rocky Horroresque outfits and headed off to the Embassy to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show on a BIG screen. It is a VERY silly movie isn't it!
We didn't take a photo of DH as he went as Prof Scott (ambulatory)- all tweed and corduroy. Quite boring really. Moi wore the Fabulous PVC jacket gifted to moi by the Fabulous Ang Reeves. It starred in our production of Silly Cow and what it lacks in tastefulness it makes up for in sluttiness. Every woman needs a PVC garment of no taste or discernment in her wardrobe, just in case she goes to a Rocky Horror viewing or party. ;-) I think it looks rather nice with the red bustier gifted to me by the fabulous Trees Maclean of the recent second baby.
Hmm, now I just realised how many Fab women pass on their slutty clothes to me. What are they trying to say?!?! I assure all readers that I am a very sensible person and behave very well. Most of the time!


  1. I wish I could say "No comment" Mrs C but I don't know you well enough to think of you as being a little raunchy minx!!! You look fabulous.. bet the puppies got cold though!!

  2. Wanna borrow the jacket some time KJ? ;-) Not sure it will keep you warm in your house but it might attract a heat radiating life form into your vicinity hehehe

  3. You look gorgeous - the cherry-bra bag is the ultimate fashion accessory :) Hugs Jx

  4. I know, isn't it! I LOVE it! It goes with my wardrobe which let's face it is dominated by red and black anyway ;-) And a few people have fallen in lurve with it so I have to guard it with my life - I'm not sure I'm up to making a bunch more of them, waaaay too much work!