Sunday, May 2, 2010

Life! It has a life of its own!

Well, now, it looks like Julz just may have won herself some cupcake things! :) Although my lovely Joie de Vivre who has tried and failed to get Google to let her have a presence, swears (literally) that cupcakes are better than Google apps!
I've not listed my next giveaway because - on Monday we saw an apartment just because it's good to keep one's eye on the market, and fell HOH in love. I was liking the downstairs a lot but feeling a bit disappointed that there probably wasn't room for all of my making and doing, but upstairs was a 'bedroom' that is really just a big space with sun and room and - it's gorgeous! It's easily half again as big as the space I have now, which means we can put the sofa bed up there too - nice place to sit (and dump projects) and somewhere for guests.
So, the upshot is that we're trying to sell our house. I know! Can I take my kitchen with me?
So, please bear with me a bit longer for giveaway number two. No Dreamstress, alas it won't be my house hehehe.


  1. I don't want your house, just the extra tiles left over from your kitchen!

  2. I don't want your gorgeous kitchen either.. That would mean my meals would need to look as good as the kitchen.... I will stick to the varnished chip board cupboards then the steak and plain old vege look okay!!! hehe

  3. I can comment from some places, but not from home - more technical experimentation to be done yet. Cupcakes are definitely better than Google products. Rats about the cupcake papers - but getting to eat your cupcakes regularly is a great consolation prize! :)

  4. BIG THANKS for the cupcake prize - love it... don't forget to share with me your delicious cupcake recipe. Bexx so loved the butterfly cupcakes at the Quilt Exhibition :) Hugs Jxx