Sunday, July 1, 2012

At last, she remembers the giveaway!

I got sidetracked, sorry! Tomorrow I fly off to Nelson to learn about the new range of yarn we are stocking so I thought I'd better get this draw done.
The winner is...Johanna of Making it Well! Noone actually got the whole answer so I included all attempts :)
The answer was: size 60 (the tinest size hook you can get) and the use is indeed to make and maintain dreadlocks! I DO like the idea of using them to handle icky clothes though hehehe
So Johanna, you're easy being a local so you can come choose your own, but better get in fast as we are running low on stock! ( a couple of wool stashers have walked away with bagloads).
Have a great week all - I am taking the netbook away with me but not sure how much online time I will get. And this weekend MrC and I are off for the weekend to relax. I'm so excited about my week of doing different things I just want to jump and down and squeal!! I love my shop and working in it, but I know I will love it all the more for having a bit of time away from it! hehehe.

Unrelated photo of me. It looks adventurous so I thought it appropriate!


  1. love the photo! i've got your swap ready just need to get it together and send it!!x

    1. Yay! Got yours too and will post on Thursday when I get home :)

  2. That's a great picture of you!

    1. Why thank you! AND, i wore that coat for most of the time I was way too so extra pertinent!

  3. Dear Mrs. C.,

    Happy adventuring, and don't forget that hat!



  4. EEEEEEEE so exciting! I squealed at my husband!! Eep I better get in fast, I hope all the yarn doesn't evaporate before I snaffle some up! Maybe you could contact me by email? (Then I can start brewing some ideas based on the yarn you have!)
    Ooh did I mention so exciting?? I won, I won!!
    p.s That's a damn sassy picture!