Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Winter preoccupations

Hello all! Right now, I suspect my readership is 50% roasting in mid summer (or not roasting in the UK from what I've read!) and 50% freezing its collective buns off in mid winter. I'm among the latter. I just realised how much of my headspace is going into the cold. Thinking about how to protect myself from it, being sick of it, sick from it, the woiks.
How to survive it now I no longer work in corporate heat controlled offices - a layer of silk, a layer of merino and then as many other layers as I can pile on! Silk is 5 times warmer than wool by weight, apparently, and I always feel warmer with a home made silk cami next to the skin. Merino is so toasty also, and dense enough to resist draughts too.
Also I have a blow heater in my office all day, so when I am immobilised by desk work I don't start to feel the cold so much. I'm fine when I am on the move out in the shop.
At home, when we get in around 6.30-7, we rush to close the curtains and put on the heat pump. It turns our mezzanine into a dry sauna, but hardly heats the downstairs where we mostly live at all! But our huge, lined curtains do help to keep the warmth in.
But I reckon they could do better. So I have invested in enough 'bumpf' to interline my bedroom curtains.
Bumpf is a batting like fabric for sandwiching between curtain and lining for extra insulation. An awesome idea. Previously I didn't realise there was a special fabric just for this - in Christchurch where cold is a whole art form in itself, I interlined all our curtains with cheap, heavy knit fabrics, because they were thick, warm and required no hemming. Plus it gives curtains lots of body.
So, in my office is a 15m roll of bumpf. Call it product testing. I've chosen to try the bedroom curtains as they require a mere 6m of fabric, unlike the 30m required for the living room!
I'm really not sure when I'll get time to do it however. Got a couple of projects to fit in first and not much time to sew these days. :)


  1. Bumpf is a colloquial term for a pack of information on a subject....never new it was a kind of batting.

    And its rather damp over here...waiting for the '2 weeks of summer weather where everyone complains its too hot' before it goes back to being wet again. ;)

  2. It's terribly hot here in the US. We've had temperatures in the nineties and one-hundreds for weeks--it's horrid! I can't wait until fall.

    I would love to get a great deal of heavy fabric and batting to make curtains for the winter. I would just have to change them out for very thin and transparent fabrics in the summer!

  3. Dear Mrs. C.,

    "Bumpf" is the best new word I've heard in ages. Fun to say, fun to spell, fun to have when it's either too cold or too hot. Have a fancy it would keep the roasting heat from the sun out of our back bedrooms.

    Here it's too durn hot and it's refusing to rain enough again. Young trees are losing their leaves, some are dying, the grass is dead, the crops are failing, the cattle herds are being culled. Last week we had blessed rain, but now...oh, please, Germany and England, send some of it our way!

    Please let us know how the experiment goes, and keep on that silk. Such a magical fiber...

    Very best,


  4. Oh I had no idea about the fact that silk is warmer by weight! Fascinating. Now I want silk :O

  5. Silk cami is priceless. I have a thrifted one.

    Here, it's raining all the time, while Southern Moravia is complaining about droughts. It seems no one gets the weather they want!

  6. Ha... I use the word bumf all the time. Referring to miscellaneous 'bumf'! I love knowing there is actually a real life substance called bumf and I might have to get me some for the winter too! Though I'm rather hoping that is some way off. We just had our first real summers day today...22 July. Can you believe it?! Midsummer is supposed to be 21st June! No wonder the UK is so bloomin green with all this rain! x