Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Finally a photo of the quilt!

Remember this quilt in progress?

 I am currently snuggled under it as I am most evenings - it has been exhibited and I have taught it under the name Serenity Quilt. So it was about time I posted a photo or two of the finished quilt!
And here it is, on display in the shop for a few weeks before the course (luckily I got it back before the really cold weather started) I sashed it with 3/4 inch sashes of a fabulous fabric that reads as a black but has tiny, dark sprigs in it. It was the hardest part of the quilt, finding a sashing fabric that wasn't a solid black that was warm enough to work in this quilt. Most of them go to charcoal which is cool. This one is actually from a Christmas range and the colours are deep green, red and brown. Delicious! I had a couple of fat quarters only and had to scour teh interwebs for more of it, which I eventually found, and cleaned out the shop! It's like that when you find a fabric that just goes with everything. It is also in this quilt which I have also yet to photograph in its completed state!


  1. I love the colours in it! Makes me feel warmer just looking at it... :)