Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kentucky Lucky Dip!

Natalie from Kentucky is another wonderful friend met via the interweb. Her blog is A Frolic Through Time where she shares her love of 18th Century clothing, including an incredible patience with embroidery techniques of the time. And she is a Mom with twin boys who keep her busy.
Anyway I won a giveaway on her blog in early June, and it was so exciting to receive a parcel of things from Natalie in Kentucky. The things are wonderful, but what I find the most wonderful is touching them and knowing that Natalie had chosen them, used them, lived with them, then sent them. It's a bit like that frisson of excitement one gets seeing a dress from a Janet Arnold book - that association of the bigger picture with what is in front of one. :)
Included was an embroidery transfer and instructions - little cornflower bunches, so sweet! The threads provided are in lovely buttery blues and greens. However, I may just have to revert to type and render them in reds! Also, sweet buttons, perfect for little people. Coming as I do from a country with 5 million people and 40 million sheep, these buttons are perfect! The wee flowers are so pretty.
Awesome patterns! These tell a story - pregnancy followed by patterns for little boys hehehe. The Vogue pattern up the top has caused some serious envy among our sewing circle too. Funnel neck, shaped, it's all good!
Thank you Natalie - all these things will go into my stash, and will come out, inevitably, given the number of friends I have who are pregnant, bound to get pregnant, and subsequently have babies who will grow into children! :)
But they're not getting the flower buttons, those are my precioussss!

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