Monday, February 11, 2013

Giveaway Winners

Finally the moment of truth! I had an unprecedented interest in these giveaways, so thanks to those of you who have always followed my bog and also to those who discovered it through the giveaways. I hope you hang about! :)
Giveaway 1 - for a ring pin cushion made by The Embroidenator, had 30 entries.

The winner was Kristin from Sew Classic. Soon, Kristin, this little morsel will cross your letterbox!

Giveaway 2 was for a gorgeous pair of Victorian style embroidery scissors. This giveaway attracted 25 entries:

And the winner was Rachel from House of Pinheiro!

Yes, Rachel, scissors just for you! :)

And lastly, the Surprise. I'm still not revealing it, as that is no fun for the recipient. However it doesn't have far to go, as the winner is a local. Now I just have to say here that there were 40 comments but one was removed and resubmitted so really there were 39. I skipped the removed one, which made Jenny from Romany Quilting the lucky winner. :)
Jenny it will be my pleasure to contribute something lovely to your soon-to-be-completed sewing room!

And that's all, folks. I'm of to email the lucky ones! Tooroo!


  1. So we still have to wait, patiently, to see what the surprise giveaway is!!! Again, thanks for this fun week of giveaways, and congrat's to the three lucky winners!

  2. Shed a single tear that I didn't win, but congrats to those who did, and I won a little bit myself by discovering this wonderful blog by way of these giveaways. Hooray!

  3. Yeahhh... It was intended for me ... Thanks x

  4. Congratulations to all the lucky winners! *sob* no seriously I am always a lucky winner in that I get to spend time with the amazing MrsC in real life all the time :D MadameO