Friday, February 1, 2013

The Year of The Snake, the Week of the Sevens...

Weehee! I just realised that it is my year! If you are turning 24, 36, 48, 60 or 72 this year (after feb I tnink) then you too are a snake. ((OK, 12 too but unlikely to be any 12 year olds reading :))
Naturally, I am turning 24...oh ok 36...oh OK, 48 already, sheesh!
Snakes are, apparently, quite different in Chinese culture than our idea of nasty creatures in the corridors of Hogworts. Snakes are hedonistic, enjoying creature comforts and luxury. We are smart, wise and loving, and discerning. Think bejewelled, graceful creatures basking happily on a rock or in a tree. That's us. :)
It may be pushing things a bit but I do tend to swallow ideas whole and let them digest slowly over time, too.
Currently digesting are shop #2, a line of needlework and sewing patterns and kits, and some masterclasses.
But before any of that really come to fruition, there is (are?) the Sevens!
Seven what, you may ask. Dwarves? Wives for brothers? Deadly sins? Nonononono, Seven aside Rugby played in seven minutes a half. And Wellington has embraced it as only Wellington can.
I am not sure when it began but early on, groups of friends thought it would be fun to dress up. Now, it is like mardi gras, with 98% of attendees dressed up, many of whom I may add, have no intention of even going to the stadium, they just enjoy the party downtown!
We have helped people to dress as babies, Ironman, greek goddesses, cross dressers, The Count from the Muppets (that was fun, measuring out the felt and both of us going Vun UHUHUH, Two, UHUHUH), Robin Hood, the Queen of Hearts...well you get the idea.

Wellington's Stadium, affectionately, and fairly explicably, known as The Cake Tin.
If you want to have a laugh at some of the costumes, check them out here. There is little talk of the actual rugby!
On other fronts, I have a day off tomorrow (yay!) on the proviso that I work on the peacock shirt, so I suspect it will be the topic of my next post...perhaps!


  1. not my year, I think im the year of the Roaster. enjoy your weekend off!

  2. What a happy little snake in that picture! Good luck with your plans.

    1. It is isn't it! Took me ages to find one that was not tattoo -art like.

  3. I'm a snake, and proud of it. :-P

    Oh man, the Sevens. Every year I marvel at a) the imagination some people have (I mean, how on earth did they decide to dress as iPod Nanos, in 8 different colours, complete with earbuds??), b) the effort they go to (those Iron Man costumes are particularly impressive), and c) where they manage to source things (those Care Bears outfits??).

    1. I know!! But the biggest question ever for me is, just exactly how do you think you are going to get through a stinking hot summers day eacerbated by being in a crowd, dressed in all that fur/tinfoil/card/pillow stuffed/wool/...that!! It's a miracle mroe people don't get heatstroke or dehydration!

  4. Wow - thinking of shop #2 - are you a glutton for punishment!! Shop owners are the hardest working beings. Happy year of the snake!

    1. I certainly am. But as a wise friend said yesterday, it's a bit like having kids - it gets easier not harder. More people working for the business means more ideas and inputs, more flexibility, more of a customer base - that kind of thing. :)

  5. Hooray, I am also a snake! I love your Harry Potter reference especially since I was doing some amateur online research the other day and I came across an interesting tidbit.

    The Chinese zodiac symbol of the dragon is sometimes represented by the Naga in certain Vietnamese (i think) iterations. The Naga is a water dwelling serpent with some human qualities or the ability to take on human form. It can be referred to as the Naga, Nagas, Nagi, or Nagin (sounds similar to a certain fictional serpent we all know and loathe, no?).

    Anywho, that's my two bits for the day. Enjoy the year of the snake everybody!