Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sew Grateful for...

Since last Sew Grateful Week, I have so much more to be grateful for. SO much more than last time, sewing is a huge part of my life. My work revolves around it, and my work is a huge part of my life.
I am so grateful to my Mum, Jenny. So many of you who have put a bid in for a gorgeous pin cushion ring made by her have raved about how beautiful her work is. You are SO right! She is so clever, always has been, and embroidery is just one of many creative pursuits she has mastered.
And the best bit? Unlike some people who are very talented, she is open, encouraging and inspiring. Instead of being intimidated by her amazingness, I am always inspired by her to try things. Our styles are very different but that is a good thing really!
My Mum Jenny always allowed me to try things, even if it meant ruining some fabric or driving her nuts. I am a "don't show me, let me do it myself" kind of learner so often this meant her telling me what I SHOULD have done after I'd done it wrong. I find students like that frustrating myself, as I want them to have success and not get despondent, so I am very impressed that she didn't "lose it" more often.
So, I am grateful for my Mum. I tell her she has a bit of an online fan club and she really doesn't get it! Not much of a one for computers hehehe.
Remember, tomorrow is another giveaway. See you then!


  1. This is lovely! Your mum sounds great.

    My mum was my first step into sewing too, but she struggles to think outside the box, and was taught fairly old-school methods, so would never have let me risk expensive fabric (not out of meanness, just that she wouldn't understand why one would want to try!). She is very supportive of my attempts nowadays though (probably because she's not paying for my mistakes!).

    1. I don't think Mum was ever that thrilled about my experiments in the kitchen and sewing room, but she never withdrew the opportunities either :) We had a good system - I'd pin a pattern and she would check it before I could cut it out, especially for the whole 'pin on fold' type thing. It was a good system!
      And, I don't think she ever paid, in the sense that I bought fabric out of money I earned, having started holiday work at 13 (probably illegal!) Hehehe, when I think of most of the 13 year olds I know working in an office, it's a bit mind boggling!

  2. Replies
    1. She most certainly is. And, I might add, young lady, her understanding about the correct grammatical use of the term you're is much more lenient than mine!!! ;-)

  3. Are not our Mum's just the best! My dear mother, who I lost 5 years ago, was also my first guiding hand into the sewing, knitting, crafting world. She always had a garment on the go, and totally encouraged me from an early age...

    1. Oh, so sorry to hear that, Judith. But what a lovely memory - we re the lucky ones indeed!