Saturday, September 6, 2014

Another Circus, Another Show...

Well it's done and dusted. Yesterday was Wellington Winter Vintage day, and I was fully costumed.
It was a bit touch and go - with a bad cold and so little time left, I ditched my more ambitious plan of a whole new garment, and instead did some makeovers. I am quite tickled about it all really - because I have so many new gigs coming up, all having quite different and specific requirements for costuming, any shortcuts are welcomed with relief. I live for the day when I can start reusing some of these crazy get ups! :)
Here are some pics:
Mark took this portrait, I love it! So silly! The venue was decked out in heaps of amazing old circus props, and this lion was a favourite. I am wearing my Constance skirt, the little top hat, my red torselet with a velvet peplum added and embellished with lots of circusy blings, and a RTW jacket safety pinned back to make a tailed bolero with added blingy epaulettes.  Oh, and a moustache. And really weird makeup.
I love my bling - it's Indian and looks old when it is new. Diamantes so soft you can cut through them with scissors. It made cutting all those strips much easier. The circles were on a continuous black strip and I got the very last metre of it. The epaulettes I made from fusing two layers of heavy vilene together then just gluing everything to them. They are safety pinned on. Thank goodness for safety pins!!

This photo of the Mighty Angus tickled my fancy. Angus is all of 14 and is such a showman - he did amazing equilibristic feats with such comic presence a real star in the making. And there I am on stage, smack dab in the middle of his gesture! It's like one of those trick techniques Weta used in the Hobbit movies!

Group photo - me right at the top bending down as I was the only one standing on the stage. Down the front are Claire in white sleeveless shirt and black bow ie, Rose beside her in red, and Tim in tweeds like a carnie - these guys are the Dream Team from Glory Days Magazine who put it all together.
As well as the circus performances we had bands, stalls, dancing and competitions. It was such a blast!
And in the evening, I had another role to play. Photos to come!
If you want to see more, check out #wintervintage.

Happy Sunday!


  1. How fun... So proud you got it all worked out.. Hope your feeling better.

    1. Thanks Judy, I am much better, in spite of my huge day out! :)

  2. Looks like such fun!

  3. You were wonderful Mrs C - I had the best time!