Monday, September 8, 2014

But wait, there's more!

 The Saturday before Wellington Winter Vintage, I had a photo shoot with Ngahuia from Ataahua Pinups, but this time, it was as myself not as Constance.
I haven't seen much of the photos yet as she is still processing them, but this delightful, and rather flattering 'meme' popped up on her Facebook page the other day:
 We had great fun as always, so there were lots of laughs. I'll share some more when they come through. It may seem a tad vain to be so excited by photos of oneself but I tell you, Readers, the best thing I have ever done is to embrace having my photo taken. It is very liberating to get past that cringy feeling! Instead of fixating on my crooked teeth as I once would have, I just see myself as a package deal, imperfections and all :)
The next pic is the only one I've seen from the evening of Wellington Winter Vintage. Moustacheless and sporting a diaphanous purple costume, I 'read' palms for the evening and had a great time!
BTW, this piece of embroidered net is one of the highlights of my stash. I only have about 1.2m of it and as it is a border, I've never really been able to fix on what to make from it. In the meantime it is handy for dressups.

Happy Week!


  1. Beautiful... such a pretty smile..
    Can't wait to see more of them.. Have a great week..

    1. Thank you Judy! HUG! I've seen a couple more, very cutesy, not at all appropriate for a nearly 50 year old but oh well!

    2. Regard with suspicion anyone who tells you what is and is not appropriate for your age. I get people telling me I dress too old for my age. As though style should be determined not by the personality of the wearer but the number of circlings of the sun since they were born! Balderdash, I say!

  2. Dear Mrs. C.,
    Happiness just blossoms from your pictures lately. Just love it and it gives us all a lift. Cheers!! Plus, for you, spring is coming...

    Very best,


    1. Oh bring spring on!! We are so over our long damp winter :)