Saturday, September 27, 2014

So many different sewing projects

Sewing for me has never just been about clothes. I should be so lucky!
Owning the oldest and biggest haberdashery business in downtown Wellington means that all manner of projects come my way. Sometimes I deflect them to dressmakers, but if the idea appeals to me and I have the time, I will take it on.
The latest projects are pretty diverse. This last fortnight, I made metres of Oktoberfest bunting and hemmed endless blue and white draping cloths, to decorate the St Johns Bar for the annual Brass Band showdown and fund raiser. But I cannot find a single photo of it online!
This week, I got a mysterious call on Monday about red, white and blue ribbon. When questioned, the caller admitted it was for the opening of the new Arras Tunnel in Wellington. I explained that one could not buy 15cm (6 inch) wide red, white and blue ribbon just like that, but I could make it for them. And so, I did just that.
Here it is; and the news story I pinched the photo from. I carefully sewed 50mm wide satin ribbons together, with only a scant 3mm overlap. Matching the top and bottom thread to the ribbon it was lined up with even.
I am never going to get a civic statue for my work in this area, but it is becoming a fairly regular thing. And because I can say, I made this or that ribbon for an opening, the requesters are always impressed.
I think this comes down to contextual satisfaction. I do not particularly enjoy sewing straight lines like this, but to know that I have in a tiny way contributed to a project so special, and with so much input by luminaries such as Peter Jackson, gives me a bit of a thrill. :)
I take my thrills where I can!


  1. I agree... it is a thrill.. Happy for you.

  2. Yay, it's all the little pieces that count for an event. I love that you always think outside the square about what's possible. Celebrate every one :-)

    1. I see you were there on the day too, lovely pic of you in the tunnel. I love the poppies.

  3. Hope they bought some nice sharp scissors off you to cut through it! Those events are all about the detail xxx

  4. Dear Mrs. C.,
    Clever and ultra-neat! Bet it was a handsome ribbon...