Monday, April 19, 2010

Cake icing meets patchwork!

Wow. I said I'd make an enormous cake for my quilting club's 25th anniversary, and it's this Saturday so I've started already. Our emblem is the Hand of Friendship block, so it made sense to me to use it in a fondant icing quilt, in our colours of red and white. It's also the BOM for the same meeting. My contributions are all going to edible!
The cake is 24" square, divided into 3 x 3   7" blocks and a red border. Five blocks are the hand of friendship, the spacers are white and will have writing on them. Tonight I made two h.o.f's and one plain one.
this is how I did it:
I printed out the words in a nice font, and traced through the paper onto white fondant, pressing hard so the line showed on the rolled out icing.
Then I outlined it with this very cool edible felt pen I got from the cake supply store. They think of everything!
It looks cool like this, but I couldn't leave it alone!
Here I am filling in the outlines with glitter paint. This is just edible glitter mixed with a little gin, makes it east to apply with a brush and the gin evaporates.
I then scoured the icing to look like quilting, and used white glitter to paint some squigglies on the white - it's supposed to look like a tone on tone print.
These I made earlier and forgot to photograph as I made them. I've got three more to make so I may yet do so. It is really easy to do this. Much faster than I thought it would be. The red is fondant icing also, they make it for Christmas, it comes in green too. Amazing!
I may get time to do something else this week! Especially since I have farmed out the actual cake baking. It's actually going to be two cakes, one chocolate and one banana, butted together. MrC is making a BIG cake board for me :)


  1. Oh and I was all set to say you DO use your lovely kitchen for baking.. not just "takeaways" when I read that you have farmed out the cake baking!!! Haha.. You are amazing... you have a talent for everything except cooking... in your lovely kitchen... Yeah I believe that too!!! x

  2. I can attest that Mrs C makes absolutely delicious food in her kitchen.

    And I am super, super impressed by that cake! And I must remember to get a ticket for this weekend from you!

  3. Hehehe. I would have made the cake to be honest, but it is so big, and I only have round cake tins, no square ones, so it would have taken forever. The nice baker at New World Chaffers is now making the chocolate cake for us and I will probably split it and put a filling in it so I can claim some part of the cake itself ;-) The original plan to use two cakes was foiled by the price I was given that clearly had a F.O. Tax built into it! Dear D, re the event, come along and join up, it's free to members :)

  4. WOWZA !! the sneak peak was totally worth it :) am very much looking forward to seeing the finished cake and quilting by icing on Saturday. You have done an amazing job. THANK YOU. Hugs Jx