Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quilting show approaching fast!

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I made this quilt for friends last year - it is dupion silk and I wanted to work both of their colour spectrums (spectra?) into it. One is definitely paua colours (that's blues, greens and purples for those who don't know about paua) and the other is into warm reds and hot colours. Their home reflects Mr Paua more than Mr Warms however!
The block is a traditional Amish one, but I don't think it looks very Amish here!
This quilt is one of two I am entering into the Capital Quilters 25th Anniversary Exhibition, on 14-16 of May, Horticultural Hall, Lower Hutt. It's quite funny to think that I've never exhibited before, so I get to qualify for the novice award! But really I've only been at this about three years, and there hasn't been an exhibition to put anything into in all that time. I am also entering a challenge, and La Vie en Rouge, which is the quilt on my bed.
Now the one above doesn't have a name. Any suggestions? Something a bit cheeky I feel, as it looks a bit too serious really :) I'm thinking, how about Dramish?

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