Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More cake things

 Well I made the rest of the HOF blocks, and took photos of the process. Not all came out, but enough to get the idea. :) 
 I rolled the fondant icing out between sheets of silicon baking paper, and trimmed to a 7 inch square.  I then scored the 'patchwork' lines onto it for guidance. Before starting on the red, I painted glitter patterns onto the bits of the white that will be showing on the final piece.

I then rolled out the red fondant in the same way, as thinly as I could, and marked and cut the pieces needed.

These red pieces then got the glitter paint treatment. I love glitter!!!
Lastly, I carefully placed the cut pieces onto the white background, using the score lines to get the positioning right. All done! :)
OK, this is not the same one as you can tell by the different pattern of glitter, but they all look the same otherwise, which is the whole point of scrappy patchwork ;-)

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