Friday, January 14, 2011

Apartment pics at last!

It's only taken me since Thanksgiving to post these photos, which MrC took on the morning of the dinner, hence some rather random elements sitting around.
 The bedroom. Love our chandelier, which is the granddaddy of the one we had in our last bedroom. I looked at heaps of styles but this one won my heart again. Not sure if you can see the toile du jouy fabric of our curtains properly. I LOVE it. Our bedroom was entirely white when we got it, with a broken navy roman blind. Its new look gives me much joy!
 The living area, dining room end. A tantalising glimpse of my gorgeous paisley curtains!
Curtains closed and close up. I LOVE this fabric. It's so OTT having it floor to ceiling. But hey, if the shoe fits...;-)
 Other end of the living room. The somewhat odd formation of chairs was just part of preparing for 11 guests.
 Kitchen. Love the wallpaper I found for the bench, which used to be the same pumpkiny colour as the cupboards. The big red cupboard on the far right houses our fridge (facing towards the kitchen) and transformed my life! Suddenly I have a big cupboard above, the skinny one behind and there are places to put things away. Yay! That's me in the kitchen preparing to feed people. Yum.
Oh no!! We've been done over! No, actually, that's about typical for upstairs. It's a creative space and chaos is its natural state ;-)


  1. Your apartment is beautiful and so warm and friendly. I have a GPS now so can't get lost!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. See you soon.

  2. And I can vouch that it looks even better in person (if slightly more glitter-endowed)!

  3. I missed out on these - it looks fabulous!