Friday, January 28, 2011

Gifts from the heart

I am the luckiest woman on Earth. Not only do I have wonderful friends and family, they know me so well, and over the last year I have received some gifts that are just so beautiful and so "me", I want to share them.
The least recent is my first to post about. Ms Joie de Vivre noted one day that the gorgeous cupcake stand I was given for Christmas 2009, had lots of bits to keep track of. So, she got to thinking and creating and eventually, presented me with this:

This gorgeous bag holds all the bits, and even has an extra little bag for the struts and wingnuts. It is lined, padded, and has a nice long shoulder strap.
It is such a thoughtful, pretty present! And it is VERY useful, as the cupcake stand rarely gets used at home, but is forever being lugged from event to party to work do!
Thank you sweet Joie xo