Sunday, January 30, 2011

More gifts from the heart...

The wonderful, beautiful and clever Adele Wheeley owns Whare Homewares in Christchurch with husband Andrew. I have know and loved Adele, or Dellie as we call her, since well before Whare came into being. She is the most passionate and clever retailer I've ever known, in fact I have to honestly say I never realised how much art and science went into making a shop work and making it successful.
I love Whare; it is the most beautiful gift shop I've ever been into, and also because it reflects the taste of someone whose taste is so perfectly on the spot.
Dellie sent me this beautiful tea towel for Christmas, knowing how much I LOVE red poppies. I can't bring myself to use it as a tea towel and want to make something fab out of it but not sure yet what they will be :)
Because I love them and their products and the earthquake has not exactly been the best thing that has happened to Christchurch businesses, I hope yiz all check out their website, on which one can buy things, and also on facebook there are gorgeous photos and all it takes is a phone call!

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