Saturday, January 8, 2011

Before there were small things (Nano), there were Nana things...

...And so there was Nanatechnology! Things made by hand with love and care. Yum.
For the past two years, a small group of us have run a craft market at work. Just over a long lunch hour in our lunch room, and then we leave it out for a couple of days and people pop by our desks to buy things. It's cool - everyone wins. Twenty percent goes to a local organisation that helps people in need, the crafters make some Christmas spending money, and the workers can buy unique gifts for their friends and families.
Rows of delicious preserves by the Embroidenator, so pretty with their serviette tops! My tea cosies in far corner, some of HRH's gorgeous button jewellery too.

The ever elegant Miss de Vivre adds finishing touches to the presentation.
A week later, we hike it over to another workplace with a lot more people, and other crafters, and do it all again. But only for lunchtime.
It all adds to that wonderful sense of pending Christmasness, which I enjoy far more than the actual event most years. Except this one, which was ab fab. :)
Happy New Year all!

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