Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trips and weddings

Oh the convergence of large events, how they try us! Two fabulous things are happening in the next few months. My bestie is getting married and Mr C and I are off to the UK. So, we are making plans, and I am making a dress. I may blog about it but it's really very boring for most of the process as it's just a bunch of off white silk. The trip is cool too.
I am sitting here at about 10.30pm wishing that we weren't on daylight time because the 1 pound sale at the Hoxton Hotel begins noon GMT and right now that is 1am NZDT. And it's a school night.
So, we will retain our rather shabby and poky accommodation in London that after all only cost the same as similarly pokey accommodation in Nelson. Amazing!
My challenge is to savour the run up to both of these amazing events. Either of them would be enough to fill my non-work hours, yet I have them both. I am doubly blessed! :) Blessed rhymes with...stressed hehehe.


  1. Oh, post dress pics! Wedding dresses are always exciting, even if I will get to see it in person!

  2. Well, when it's more than a pile of fabric, I will :)