Monday, December 7, 2015

A quicke reference guide to my Head piece

My darling international audience, I am taking you for granted. I speak of pohutukawa and jandals like you would know what I mean, when even the red squiggly line of SpellCheck does not recognise them.
So, here we go
Pohutukawa is a native coastal tree that blossoms in summer with red flowers:
Below is a close up of the flower. It has petals like bristles with yellow ends. And it smells divine.

The Jandal is the NZ term for a flip flop or thong:
I bought an ornament which is quite big, of a pair. These are similar:
And thusly, I combined my jandal ornament, a sprig of pohutukawa flower, fake and glittery, with some organza flowers to make the Great Kiwi Head Piece:
Ngahuia our fantastic photographer sent me a super hi res version of this pic so I could zoom right in. You can now not only see the head piece and hopefully make sense of it, but you can now see my second chin ;-)

Here endeth the lesson xoxo


  1. Lesson read, heard, noted and hidden in my heart for it was a joyous one! (Now, where is my bling?)

  2. Readers of The Dreamstress are already familiar with pohutukawa. :D (though, clearly, still can't spell it properly. Or have any idea how it's actually pronounced.)
    Jambals are new to me, both as a word and in ornament form. Huh!