Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

 Hello everyone!!! We're at home after a wonderful day with family. As pretty much every year since I started blogging, we got the use of the big lounge where my parents live. We were alas down the whole side of the family that came with my lovely step dad, but mine were out in full force.
I really wanted to get a photo of the table setting, which changes every year, but by the time I escaped from the kitchen, there were a few bodies already eating.
 Another view of the tale. Instead of lining up one long line of trestles, we doubled the width, so it was more communal.
 Mum made a gorgeous centre piece out of a mini bird cage, lilies, greenery, and some incredibly pretty reindeer decorations. Chris and Paul made the christmas crackers before dinner.

 A wee group of Xmas trees and baubles. Mum made the trees as shop samples a few years ago.
 The napkins had a stylised peacock feather design. I have to be honest and say that I prefer red, gold and green Christmas decor and always will. But the Mother quite likes to mix it up and this blue and white look so who am I to argue?
 A snap of the buffet. MrC tucking into some chicken. It all looks pretty messy in the photo but it was pretty delicious. as always, everyone contributes and I get into the kitchen and make it all happen on the day.
 Speaking of MrC, here he is in his gorgeous new shirt. Can you see the pocket his glasses case is poking out of? Or the button placket? I am teaching a promising sewist how to pattern match and this was her first make. She is the real deal, right?
It's pretty subtle, but this shirt has both the positive and negative prints in it - the white on indigo is across the yoke, on the cuffs and lining the collar. We LOVE this shirt, almost as much as the one currently being made!
After dinner we opened gifts, had a wee concert with my nieces singing and me showing off Constance's new songs.
Something I learned today - my new favourite topping for pavlova is rhubarb and strawberry compote, and passion-fruit pulp. Delicious!

Merry Cristmas to you all, wherever you are and however you spend it xoxo


  1. What a wonderful Christmas feast!! And such a beautiful table.
    Merry Christmas to you all as well.
    Mr. C looks absolutely dapper in that new shirt - I love the pattern!

    1. Thank you Melanie! He sure is dapper, and today we got two new pairs of pants too, in colours that really ping with the new ones. I love the new fashion for coloured pants for men!

  2. That's a pretty impressive dinner table but I have to say I'm more in awe of that bloody amazing shirt. One major bit of missing reporting on your blog... failed to big up credit for pattern matching across the front. It's incredible!! x

    1. I was playing it down for effect but really, it excites me no end! We've made one since out of a tula Pink fabric with a small format pattern and the impact isn't nearly as good. Bit pattens really are fab!

  3. What a lovely table.... and Mr C's shirt is very pretty.
    Proud you and family had such a lovely Christmas. Happy New year.