Friday, December 18, 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas

Counting down peoples!!!! Only seven more sleeps!! EEEP!
So far I can check off my (very long) list:
  • First batch of Christmas cards (I ran out, hence two batches)
  • Christmas cakes baked and mostly distributed
  • Christmas puddings boiled and getting to grips with the cointreau being fed to them
  • Three out of eight gifts finalised and wrapped
  • Cheeses purchased, hazelnuts purchased for oatcake baking on Sunday
  • Menu for the day finalised with the "committee" (Mum, my sis and me)
  • All shows done except the after dinner impromptu concert on the day itself.
Then there's work!
  • Customer Christmas night done and dusted. I love that!
  • Mucho Christmas stock sold. MUCHO.
  • Suppliers closing up for the break so I just can't order things in for people. I am secretly thrilled as while I am happy to place orders for people it takes so much time.
  • Random lampshade order fulfilled finally.
 And so I leave you with a couple of photos from my last show of 2015 in Napier, a 5 hour each way drive north, and a truly gorgeous place with gorgeous people like the fab Cherry Boomb, my partner in crime! I love this collage she made, but as per I am not in it cos I spend more time on stage than most.
 Pretty clear it's super hot - I am all shiny and not just from the glitter!


  1. Proud your getting it all done.. [Feels good , don't it?] I am almost finished too..[Happy dance here]//
    The Boomb looks fantastic.. Love that dress..
    Hope you and your family have a very blessed and Merry Christmas. Judy

    1. Thank you Judy! You too! I think the Christmas top will have to make an appearance at our after Christmas Dinner impromptu concert! :)