Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Inside my hendbeg

My hendbeg. I did not realise when I bought it earlier this year that it was a knock off Cath Kidston. Sorry Cath, but not having your name in a big ugly label centre front upsets me not one bit.

A rather strange but compelling trend is arising for showing the contents of one's handbag. Or hendbeg, as we say here in New Zealand. I cannot demur from this, as I am a shocking handbag hoarder, and naming and shaming is a part of the cure. Not of the accent - that is beyond help - hilp?
Apparently. I'll believe anything.
Many of these items may be a mystery to the general public. So, starting from the bottom left corner and moving clockwise I will try and explain them all:
My reading glasses, in their case. Case by The Embroidenator. Three pens, my keys with a big white hand attached in a futile attempt to make them easier to find among all this stuff. Under that a 2016 diary. Yes, I always carry a hard copy diary, No I never write anything in it. Voltaren pills and inhaler. The old sim card from my old phone. My new phone is at home somewhere so is not featured. A tin in the shape of a cassette tape in which I keep my Constance Craving business cards. My sunglasses in their case. That black brick in the corner is actually my wallet. It contains cards, nothing but cards. A sign of our times. In front of my sunnies is a sheet of panadol tablets, my glasses cleaning kit and a bumpit - which I use to make my hair boofy. To its right is a pile of USB sticks. I love storage! Right again to an amusing tape measure - it is Pinocchio and you pull his nose to draw out the tape. A bag of rhinestones - I just got a whole lot delivered and this one missed being removed last night.
Moving down again, a compact mirror with a handsome moustachioed lass on the front. An ivory board, five 24 hour stay lipsticks, a mascara (green tube), many bobby pins and random pile of business cards. And a band aid. :)
I took this photo on my desk so glimpses of the year planner I keep there. Items in far corners not mentioned were already on my desk. My desk is not tidy. Anyone surprised? ;-)


  1. I have half a tree in the form of hundreds of tissues in every one of my bags????????? I have no idea how they get there. I am sure they breed

    1. You were spared the true horror of that, and the umpteen receipts, because I had only just thrown them all out. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh don't even. Luckily the productions of TIOBE I've worked on have all had magnificent Lady Bracknells with EXCELLENT vowels ;-)

  3. I'm thoroughly amused, trying to work out a New Zealand accent based on how you spelled certain words! :) I think for my soft Canadian prairie accent, you could just leave off every last hard consonant since we don't really use them, and if we do we soften them.

    I'm also in awe of the amount of stuff you've fit in your bag! I start to get ragey if there's too much in my bag and I can't find anything. :)

    1. Oh yes we are also fairly indifferent to the ends of words ;-) The secret to the kiwi accent is to bring all of the vowels towards the centre of the mouth, so the difference between them is far less obvious (except to us) so A and E sound really alike. We are subtle creatures down here!