Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Bounty

We don't go in for present giving much as a family - it's more of a random thing if the mood takes someone. Therefore, I don't have many presents to share, but each one is very special in its own way:
A group photo. The serviettes in the middle are from my friend Pam, who has been like an aunty to me all my life. She is a quilter also and finds such delightful gifts that are related to the things we are both interested in.
My M-I-L gave me this diary featuring artworks and designs by Erte. WOW. I don't think she even realises how brilliant that is to me!!
A CD from my brother of Australian jazz singer Michelle Nicole singing songs by Mancini. Special because he is the guitarist on this album. And he has the inside running on this cover photo - apparently the gorgeous jacket was an op shop find for only $10. We are all in awe of her!! And she sings like a dream too!
That's him top right - Geoff Hughes. It's a little blurred, sorry. 
My very own ring pin cushion made by Mum the Embroidenator. A little gold elastic band holds it on my finger. I absolutely love it and it is so useful. It looks like a little crown.
My beautiful, clever niece, Zoe, made this calendar. It says, "Live a happy life! Live a colourful life! You should love your life. Of course, as most wise people know, you only get one!" At 10, she is a very wise soul!
I feel so blessed to be from such a creative family who give of their own creativity like this. It blows my mind!
And, lastly a bit of fun from my sister who saw this and couldn't resist:
Such a piece of art! Heehee!
Update: I found this clip on YouTube of Michelle: it's so beautiful! And big bro gets a look in too :)


  1. Ooh lovely gifts - in particular I have to say that diary looks beautiful. Lucky you!

    1. It is lovely, and a good size to put in my handbag so I can enjoy Erte any time I want to :)

  2. Fab gifts mrs c, it looks all in all like a wonderful Christmas was had. The pincushion is adorable. So pretty as well as being very useful...I also love erte.

    1. Thanks Winnie. APparently they are built from a screw top off a wine bottle so I've been collecting them for her. It's embarrassing just how many we have to hand over tomorrow! ;-)

  3. Wow you got some lovely gifts! I really like the pun cushion and the diary is gorgeous! Congrats to your brother, you must be so proud! XxxX

    1. Quite ridonkulously proud! heehee. I did after all teach him his first few chords on the quitar when I was all of 11. I think I now know about 10 more chords than I did then and look at him!
      But, he can't sew....