Friday, December 28, 2012

Sewists' Secret Santa Reveal!

My Sewists' Secret Santa arrived before Christmas, but I've been so busy. So finally today I got some time to arrange a photo worthy of the lovely things I was sent.
Because there was no return address, and it isn't a direct swap, I have no idea at all where my parcel came from! Whoever you are, thank you SO much, you totally nailed my tastes :)
My 'brief brief' was that I love things red and gold. Even the wrapping paper was in my colours!
I got two lots of red buttons - the card ones are relief roses with a rope style border, to die for. The little ones in the bag are pearl style, just gorgeous. There was also lovely gold and pearl trim, red sequins and a pretty post card. AND, just peeking out, a phial of red and gold seed beads.
My dear Secret Santa, I thank you so much. This little parcel is so huge with creative inspiration!
I will faithfully blog all the uses I put these precious things to :)


  1. Deliciousness of reds and golds - such a perfect secret santa gift :D

  2. What a lovely gift! So many pretties. :-)

  3. Wow that stuff is gorgeous, I adore the colour scheme! Thanks for your feedback on my blog, I've changed the pop up thing, can you let me know if it works better for you now. If you're on Twitter just tweet me @Second_HandRose and let me know or just comment back on my blog. Thanks for the help! XxxX