Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pattern Pyramids and TV Segments

I am sorry I keep going so quiet! I am as busy as a Busy Thing from Busyville! The shop is pumping with people wanting to make presents or decorations for Christmas, and what with teaching and telly and serving and ordering and making Christmas cakes (5) and puds (9) I just haven't had time to post.
So, also you may have read about our recent Wellington Blogmeet, which all the other attendees have posted about:
Joy at A Charm of Magpies
Kat at Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Joanna at Making it Well
Juliet at The Crazy Gypsy Chronicles
Mel at The Curious Kiwi
Nikki at Nikki Stitches
Thank you ladies for posting about our date! It was fun! :) It also resulted in a Pattern Pyramid Scheme, and everyone but me has started a pyramid. My contribution is to alert you all to the other ones that are still open. Great takings to be had, do check them out!
On another note, my footage is finally on YouTube!
Our first segment - rushed, disorganised (they were running behind) but such fun!

Beginner's luck methinks!


  1. Dear Mrs. C.,

    Omigosh, TV! We can watch your shows on YouTube! Very, very cool, and very glad you are so busy. It's all good.



  2. Thanks Mrs C! My worst nightmare has come true... a giveaway with no takers... I'll have to gusy it up this weekend?

  3. Ooh I know someone famous, haha! And your hair looks amazing in that vid!