Thursday, December 20, 2012

Non-Post and Things I Have Learned About Coffee Sacks

The Non-Post

This is a non-post! It's a shameful, sorry I've not posted anything about the fantastic preparations for Christmas post. It's the hole in the dough nut post.

My camera battery is dead and we cannot find the recharger, so I have no photos. It's a no photos non-post. Instead I will put up a photo I DO have:

A close up of the "traditional colours" ribbon basket on our Christmas display. There is also a browns/olives/oranges basket, a blue/white/silver/black basket, an entirely metallic basket, and a hot pink/purple basket. So. Much. Ribbon.

So, what with our throughput at work tripling, preparing to feed 25 people on the day, and working on a new venture at work that we need to get started on now before the holidays, I've not had much time to find the camera charger, or write proper posts. Sorry! :(

Things I Have Learned About Coffee Sacks

In spite of being so busy, as a result of befriending the owner of my favourite coffee roastery in town, I got given a sack of coffee sacks. I had an idea about making things for Christmas out of them. But being so busy, this huge sack just sat in my office being tripped over. After a while, I began to wonder where the awful smell was coming from. was there some kind of plumbing malfunction under the floor? Then I remembered the Sack. Poo, they stink. Not, as it happens, of coffee, but of fermented beans. Like if you left some mung beans to sprout and forgot to change the water. For weeks.

So, I took them home, and started to feed them through my washer and drier. This resulted in our apartment smelling of damp coffee sacks instead of dry ones. Erk. And now all our laundry also smells of coffee sacks. Erk squared. To the power of ten! And the damn ink ran on most of them.

So now they are hanging on the railing outside my front door, 'airing'. It is working! They now just smell of beans, which is quite a nice smell in small doses. I am hoping noone in the building decides to take offence to this disorderly bunting. Can I convince them it is a hipster Christmas decoration? We have a lot of hipsters, they probably think it is really cool to have coffee sacks draped all over the place.

That's me, when I recover from the barrage of people wanting to make their own crackers and wrap presents and make presents and get their tents and trailer tarps sorted for the holidays and all of the crazy muddle of projects we help out with every day, and find that darned charger, I will catch you up on the doings. I've also unearthed my summer wardrobe and realised how man makes I've not blogged about. So, I will get onto that. anyone would think I live in three garments and a bunch of bought stuff, so parsimonious am I about blogging my makes!
And, I am loving every minute of all this crazy :)

Mwah Mwah, soon!! xo


  1. Damp coffee sacks in my imagination probably conjures up much more pleasure to the senses than there is in reality!! Hope you don't have too much more stress in the Christmas lead up & manage to enjoy it !

    1. I know what you mean- I LOVE teh smell of coffee and thught it would be like that. Although coffee when roasting smells more like burning cocoa than coffee too (we live opposite a roastery). I'm not at all stressed, having WAY too much fun. I just get a bit dithery at the till sometimes when people buy 0.7m of this and 1.2m of that and I have to add it all up and it comes out at $3,564.25 or something ridiculous and I have to start again!