Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cupcake College

Last Thursday's class was a riproaring success, everyone reports having a great time and learning things they can use. Phew :) 
 Me holding forth on some point of philosophy. Did you know that cupcake decorating is a metaphor for life? I didn't either until I did this class and had a captive audience! I can't blame the bubbles as mine was apple juice!
A selection of completed cakes. Didn't they do well!
Maz making butterfly wings our of white chocolate. Great concentration and steadiness of paw!
None of the photos show the pretty aprons I made for everyone properly, there is just a glimpse in this shot. Lots of cake happiness. :)
Anyway it was fun, everyone helped clean up afterwards, bless them, and we're doing it all again next week. :)

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