Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Trophy Wife - unplugged

In my last post I described my quilting stash as a trophy wife. Well, here she is, all scrubbed and made up!
 MrC supplying his 6' 3" self as a point of reference. I've had a quick count and multiply and estimate there is 300 yards of fabric in these cupboards *gulp*. But all folded nicely and arranged by colour or theme, SO much easier to find things!
Half of my fat quarters packed into an enormous boot box I was given. It is straining a little, I hope it doesn't bust apart as it is so pretty! the rest are in other shoe boxes and baskets...
Here's the slatternly mistress. Unlike the prissy trophy wife, this stash (only partially shown here) actually delivers! It's a mess as these fabrics don't fold up and stack as crisply as the cottons. But I know what I have in here and the bottom shelf is all marked for stash rehashing.


  1. they all look fabulous. oh my what you could make - with all that the possibilities are literally endless!!! xx

  2. Yes - if I gave up my day job and sewed for about 12 years! hehehe