Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snow and trophy wives...

It's snowing here in Wellington. I am 46 and it has never snowed in my lifetime before. So many people are posting Christmas card photos on Facebook and on their blogs of back yards covered in white, snowmen of varying sizes and quality, trees crystalised, all that stuff.
This is a time when living in the city is boring! Our walkways are slippery and icy and the street seems to have missed the white out. So, I am at home, and after making a nice merino hat for a friend, I have been through my stash cupboards, refolding and reorganising my quilting stash into a pleasing sight again.
I have way too much fabric, but unlike dress and costuming stash, I find it really difficult to cull the quilting cottons. When I go through them I love each and every one, even the 'uglies,' but in very few cases do they whisper in my ear what they want to become. I have at least four projects auditioned and packed into baskets ready for I'm not sure what - possibly for the right inspiration of matching person to quilt? A few are definitely for tea cozies or other craft projects, and some I would wear in an instant except I only have a fat quarter or half yard.
No, I reckon my quilting stash is like a trophy wife. Pretty to have and admire, not terribly useful and quite expensive to keep up. But somehow it is compelling and I can't bear to part with it! ;-)


  1. What a marvellous description - trophy wife - I love it. And, snow in Petone was just lovely - to look at !

  2. Fabulous description! Can't wait to see the newly organised stash - stash and space organising seems to be de rigeur in crafty-net land at the moment. I'll have to come and look at it. And make petticoats and macs.

  3. Ms de Vivre, a well dressed woman ALWAYS wears a petticoat under her mac ;-)
    Actually, it's good quilting weather. Maybe now I have sorted my stash I should get stuck in and make one!

  4. Hell I adore you both Joie and MrsC. Brilliant, my trophy bride is incredibly high maintenance but so very worth it. MadO

  5. I have fat quarters galore; and I AM talking about quilting supplies ;-) I bought fabrics I adore and can't bear to use them in anything I'm planning to give away. I've made some nice hats with a few.

  6. Excellent use of fabric, Zola!