Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Petticoat update - Savant sewing

Remember Joy and I promised to make a white rockabilly petticoat even bigger than the black one? Well on Sunday we started.
This is what I call idiot savant sewing. I know what I am doing but I don't know why I know and I find it hard to articulate. I think it is more idiot, Joy thinks it is more savant, but she is very generous hearted. And patient with all my "I don't know!" answers to her perfectly sensible questions!
Using tricot instead of tulle meant adjusting the allowances an amazing amount - that stuff gathers up like nobody's business compared to tulle. We're getting through 50% more fabric for the same metrage, but it is VERY poofy, so hoorah for tricot! Cheap, and nothing to rip your tights on!
So far all we've made are the ruffles and as these are the same as for the black one, we didn't bother to photograph it. We'll start snapping at the next stage. It was going to be one uber petticoat, but is now to be two, allowing for adjustable froofelage (the official measure of the stickyoutiness of a petticoat). The finished two petticoat effect will be 2 bazillion units of froofelage. :)


  1. I would have loved that amount of stickeyoutness when I wore circular skirts, black pumps and ankle socks!!

  2. Dear Mrs. C.,
    I wonder what tricot is in the U.S.? Do you have any idea? Tulle is so scratchy, even when lace edged to cover raw edges.
    Very best,

  3. Ah, well now Natalie I don't know what it is called, although I suspect it's the same thing but you've never dealt with it is it is so VILE! It is nylon knit that is slightly shiny and very "see through". Used for cheap lingerie, about as far from the thinking woman's stash as you can imagine! hhehehe. But it is the legitimate choice for full petticoats.