Sunday, August 7, 2011

In the White Room (without black curtains!)

Remember that song by Cream? This post has nothing to do with it! :)
The White Room is an amazing idea - a craft shop INSIDE a cinema. Well, not in the actual place where you watch the movies, but off the foyer, which is a cafe. Lost? I'm not doing a very good of stringing this together am I!
I blame the mindboggling prettiness of this shop, which leaves me a bit discombobulated. :)
The White Room is in The Empire Cinema in Island Bay, a bijou three screen cinema that is my favourite place to see mainstream movies - and buy crafts!
And sell them, it turns out. I got chatting to Fran who runs the shop, and must have said something about sewing because before you know it, we were talking crafts and I was agreeing to put my standing stock into the shop! Since then I had a rush of creating and made a bunch more stuff.
 A collection of homewares including my tea cosies, and this gorgeous 'revived' furniture by Lost Fables. I so love what Rache is doing with furniture that is otherwise not very pretty! I wish I had room in my apartment for a few of her pieces...
 My plunger cosies and other pretty objets.
 This chair, squee!!! How pretty it is! And only about $120? Maybe a bit more. Very reasonable!
 A panoramic view of the shop, which was the storage room of the original theatre. I love the teatowels festooning the walls. Like bunting you can use! :)
 A closer up of one corner.
 My two favourite makes this month - paintilly retro fabrics made into tea cosies. I love them so much I almost don't want anyone to buy them so I can just enjoy them!
I want this tray from Lost Fables. Only $80. Nowhere to put it though!
I think that The White Room and, Wellington's newest craft shop, are both fabulous places for Wellingtonians to buy genuine kiwi made goods that provide a reasonable return to the makers.
But I would say that! ;-)


  1. That shop is tres uber cute isn't it! And yay for you for getting your tea cozies in it! I bet lots of people will be excited to have the opportunity to buy your fabulous wares.

  2. Aw thank you :) I spend so much in there buying other people's things, I almost HAVE to sell some stuff to just break even heehee!