Thursday, August 4, 2011

The things we do for sewing love...

I'm giving it a go. I feel slightly fraudulent as when I read the always articulate Zoe's reasons and philosophy for participating in a me-made month, I am not sure it's intended for lifers like myself. But I reckon it will do me a power of good to have to 'woman up' and wear at least one garment every day that I made myself. It will soon show up the holes in my wardrobe hehehe.
Anyone else game?
I don't promise to photograph every day's outfit but will do me best. Do aprons count?


  1. Good on you! So what of yours where you wearing when I saw you on Sat? I've actually just rediscovered a jacket that I made in uni, almost a decade ago, and have barely ever worn - until now!

  2. Not 'til September!! ...however, thinking hard about what I was wearing on Saturday..YES! Huzzah! I was wearing my gypsy smock. :) Phew!