Thursday, August 25, 2011

Giveaway time!

I'm feeling generous. Leave a comment and I will randomly select one commenter to receive their choice of teacosy from my current stock!
I love tea cosies and I love to make them. This is not a random thing however. A loong time ago MrC and I realised that we both liked a top up of tea, and making tea in mugs or cups with a teabag was unsettling. So we bought a china teapot and started using it. However, the tea would cool down between first cup and top up. So I bought, second hand on trademe (NZ's own answer to ebay) a fabric teacosy. Very 1992 it was, with little pink and green flowers. I realised that I could make a much nicer one myself, and had a go. I wanted a reversible style so I could two different looks, and my 'pattern' allows for this.  The first one was a Phillip Jacobs poppy print in bright red on one side and a bright fruity print on back on the other. With purple trim. Since then I think I've made around 50? Anyway, the process of creating something special from scratch even in one sitting is too irresistible. :)
Comments on the wonderfulness of tea, afternoon tea, tea cosies or any related topic are welcome.
If you take advantage of my recently changed settings that allows commenting without logging in (as blogger is being such an ass lately), do include a name so I can ID you :)
I will ship anywhere in the world, so no holding back, now, y'hear! :)
PS If you are a coffee drinker, I can sub a coffee cosy instead xo
A random selection of past makes. :)


  1. They are gorgeous Mrs C. I love your blog but I'd have to get a teapot or a coffee pot. Maybe I could wear it as a hat. I need a hat!

  2. What kind of tea do you like? I find my favourite is, after all, the simple black tea... English black tea. As Arthur Ransome's Missee Lee said, strong and with lots of sugar.

  3. Karen dear, one does not need to drink tea to own a teacosy! Think of it as a giant button for your collection ;-) OR, if you win, I have some teapot buttons I could sub out.
    Hana, I am entirely with you on the subject of tea. English Breakfast, but without the sugar. Although Twinings has put out a New Zealand Breakfast blend that I love - it is a black tea with a hint of bergamot and a hint of lapsang. I adore it and it is our staple home brew now.

  4. I so agree with you, about the second cuppa not being hot enough! I could always make my own, but getting a surprise one from someone else sounds like such fun =) I know someone with a good pattern... Have you tried Chainui Ceylon tea, very nice - a good gumboot tea!!

  5. I'm actually easier on the sugar, too - definitely easier than my father.
    I like me some Earl Grey or others from time to time, but I always stick back to my English one... Ahmad is my favourite brand now, but when father used to visit Britain often, he always brought Yorkshire Tea, and that was the English strong tea proper.

  6. Aha, Sandra C? or K? I'm thinking C. :) Not tried Chainui tea at all as yet. Will remember that one. Hana I can't get into full strength Earl grey, too perfumey. But I think that a hint of it is divine! :) We also get a tea called Scarborough Fair Black Tea which I think must be like the Yorkshire tea, it is so strong and black. I love it!

  7. I'm Adele and I'm a teaholic.
    I am supping right now and it's bedtime.
    As soon as I awake I am straight into it again.
    I am at the pot all day.
    Dilmah varieties are my poison of choice,but lately I have introduced Bell decaf to give my kidneys a break.
    Since the earthquakes here in Christchurch I have lost two pots and may benefit from cosying.
    Happy supping all.xx

  8. Ooooh, I am addicted to tea and I love tea cozies! I make my own knitted ones but I would love a fabric one for some variation :) I love English Breakfast and Welsh Brew, though mostly I drink PG Tips because it's one of the few decent loose-leaf teas I can find in the U.S.!

  9. I love finding pretty tea cups and saucers at the thrift store and love having a dress-up tea party every now and then. Tea tastes a lot better when in Colonial costumes I'm convinced! :)

  10. I approve of the new commenting regimen :-)! It feels like cheating for me to enter this giveaway, but I'm still going too! I want one with pink roses! Or one to go with the dream kitchen I will probably never be able to afford....

  11. The one with rose petals and leaves strewn over it reminds me of you. :) Who knows?
    Although methinks you have your beady eye on that fabric I got on Saturday... :)

  12. Hi MrsC it's me Kelly. I would love one of your fabulous tea cosies. I have a whole bunch of new linen and it would be great to have one that matched well. I agree, tea in a pot is so much nicer than bags, I am a serial drinker of Earl and Lady Grey day to day but enjoy japanese sencha (green) and red bush too, when I get the idea. Oh I need to get a hold of the twinings kiwi breakfast tea. I am a sucker for bergamot teas.

  13. Has there been a winner yet? If not, I'm celebrating signing up as a Follower of your blog by leaving a comment! I've been dishing up the pots of tea lately, so let's see if I get idea what exactly I want yet, but it will definitely be BRIGHT.