Friday, March 18, 2011

The Bell in Faringdon

Faringdon is an OLD market town we discovered by accident, and then we popped into a pub on the square to ask about accommodation, and ended up staying there - not bad for 60GBP inc breakfast.
The Bell is one of those buildings that has grown over time, starting in the 14th C!!!!

 The Bell at it is today. Our room was the two windows above the left hand bay. The far left section of the building is 14th C. The newest thing in the whole place is probably the people. Click on ny image to see a bigger version, it's worth it for the details.
The snug is the oldest part, and was covered in paintings, done in 1969! Underneath apparently are far older paintings. They told us that there are five mice in the mural, but we coud only find four.
 Aren't the gaming machines anachronistic? But that's modern Britain for you- the 21st C sitting somewhat self consciously on top of all that history...
 The bird in the third panel from the left is a jackdaw, it has a ring in its mouth and a next full of pogey bait. Remind us of anyone?
 The painting under the window is OLD, possibly 300 years or more, It looks like it may have been trees. See the doorway? That wall is nearly 30 inches thick at its base!
 The new proprietors had only been there 3 weeks themselves. Lovely people with a daughter who reminded me of Julia a lot - beautiful, knowing eyes. :) It was only after we left that we recognised who they actually were though - Magrat and Verence!!!! Such a pity they are both camera shy as I think they should be standing proudly outside this pub, which had been allowed to run down, and that they are steadily bringing back into favour.
We made the Bell our base for two days and 'did' a big chunk of the Cotswolds from there, including meeting David's aunt Con, whose house is 700 years old in one part.
All this history and the Brits are so used to it they are oblivious. Amazing!


  1. How fabulous! I love all the details and the stories of who the people are! Was the little girl named 'note spelling'?