Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring is busting out all over!!

What a brilliant time to come to the UK. A slightly risky tactic as if winter hangs about, it can be pretty miserable. But really, it is Spring all over and the flowers and blossoms have been busting out while we are here. We are seeing it unfurl almost before our eyes and WOW.
Today in the grounds of Shrewsbury Castle, where we turned up 15 minutes ltoo ate to get in, I took some closeups of the glorious spring flowers. And some long shots too.
 A spectacular border of daffodils, tulips and other things leading up to the Castle doors.
 Tulip variety 1
 Magnolia? David thinks so. For all I know it's a cabbage so I believe him!
 Tulip variety 2
 Tulip variety3
Impossibly pink primroses in my landlady's front garden. No wonder Carltonware were so inspired!

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