Monday, March 7, 2011

One more sleep!!

And we're off! AAAARRGGHH!! The house is a landscape of clothes chosen, discarded and chosen again. I am sure I have too many clothes but I can't bear removing a single thing more. At least I am only taking two pairs of shoes- that's not bad for a girl eh.
I'm going to try and blog while we are away, with photos, but as yet I'm not sure how the whole internet access thing will pan out, so how often? We shall see!
Have fun wherever you are in the world, dear followers. I will say hello to Mother England for you xo


  1. Now I'll try again and leave a comment . I am so envious and would love to go there one day. all the beautiful old buildings and I'm sure you'll find places of interest to look in **wink. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Rest and enjoy. You really need and deserve a holiday. And please miss, if you see a pretty little button over there and it fits in your luggage I will definitely pay for it when you get home... got them from France, Austria, America and Italy so England be great addition. Luv ya heaps

  2. Yahoo, will do m'dear, I'm charged with bringing back lots of shiny things and haberdashery will account for most of it I am hoping :) Keep NZ warm for me eh. Love you back! xo

  3. Have the bestest trip and take lots of photos!