Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tor Blimey.

Glastonbury is such an amazing place. Famous for its Tor, Abbey and well. Among other things. The Tor is a challenge difficult to resist, and as it is also the easiest place to find, sticking up so much, we headed there before doing anything else, took a deep breath or three, and tackled it. All nearly 600ft of it.
Mysterious and spiritual, the Tor and its tower dominate the Glastonbury skyline.

 Proof I was there! It nearly did for me but after managing to climb to the top of the hill in Incheon, no way was I letting this one defeat me. And it was worth every gasping breath and aching muscle.
 Using the camera zoom to spy on the residents of farms around the base of the Tor. That white thing in the back yard looked familiar...
...Only In Glastonbury will you look down upon a beautiful Somerset landscape, and spot a yurt in someone's yard!
Incidentally, while in Glastonbury you can buy any type of healing crystal, hippy clothing, book on magic, ethnic jewellery, ceremonial cloak, spell or potion, etc, you cannot buy a pair of knickers or socks! It is very much geared up for tourism. But charmingly so. And there is a town called Street only a mile away that sells lots of high st stuff and that's where the vast majority of very normal Glastonburians do their clothes shopping!

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  1. Dear Mrs. C.

    Gor, what a hoot of a post title.

    Long ago -- 1982, for heaven's sake -- I visited Glastonbury and plucked a leaf from one of the bushes said to be descendants of the one Joseph of Arimathea had planted, as a staff, in the ground.

    I suppose that it was illegal, but I was 18 and stupid. Now I am older, and maybe as stupid --- jury's still out so I don't know for sure -- but I still have the leaf, and it hasn't crumbled.

    Very best,