Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why I pulled the plug on Bath

I was so excited about going to Bath. What diehard Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer fan would not be? I even know the names of several of the streets.
We got there mid afternoon and we were tired. The town is like dodgem cars - lots of windy, one way streets and strange intersections, and heaps upon heaps of traffic. We finally found our hotel only to find it was not exactly walking distance back into town. And it wasn't anywhere as nice as it thought it was. So, we had a few hours of relaxing in our room before venturing forth again for dinner.
Bath is expensive. Very. We settled for a plate of chips and a drink each, 8GBP. The only good thing to come of it is that the pub in question was quite pretty, and had bone chine teacups and saucers as tealight holders. Very effective, especially the whiter ones.  Then home to bed.
The next day we headed out, determined to make the most of our day in Bath. Wondering where all the famous architecture and streets were, I realised that if one looks UP, there they are. The Georgian residential part of Bath is built on a pretty steep hillside. So we went to take a look. At least up there there was no traffic.

 Peeking thorugh someone's front gate, I saw this amazing Wendy House. It's practically a granny flat!
Typical example of the Georgian terrace houses and garden. Not THE Georgian Terrace of course, that is amazing but there are heaps of pics of it online.
By the by, these streets are steep and quite a haul up from the town below. I wonder if this contributed to the demise of Bath as a fashionable place to go - I can imagine ladies hiking up that hill in Regency stays, but once corsets started to reshape waistlines and dresses got heavier and more cumbersome, I'd be making excuses not to go!
By 11am I confess we had had enough and we ran away to Wells and Glastonbury. I never went to any museums, not even to the Jane Austen Centre. I am so chcken! But honestly, the place is a bunfight and I think it requires a stop of several days and better planning and concentration that we were capable of by then.
Can you forgive me??


  1. I've been to Bath twice (first time was to go to Bellowhead concert*) and hopefully with be going for the 3rd time in 2012 for the Jane Austen Festival. (haven't been to JA festival before)
    First time went by train and just walked everywhere although have to admit took a taxi a few times when faced with trek uphill to B&B. lol! My tip get ticket for the Bath tour bus, ticket lasts 24hrs, you can hop on and off at all the main tourist spots and it ends up being better value than an ordinary bus.
    I think the roman baths and pump rooms are brilliant. And yes eating in Bat is expensive...I survived on mcdonalds and other takeaways. ;)

    *waits for question 'who is Bellowhead?'

  2. A really late comment, just discovered your blog through Aft Aglay.

    We went to Bath last year - really didn't like it. The expense was shuddering, however, we discovered a farmers market outside Sainsbury's supermarket. That was a wonderful discovery and we bought genuine Bath Buns which are good and filling. We also bought lots of picnic food and our Yorkie was given so many titbits of meats and cheese by the stallholders.

    If you visit again come to Chichester, a lovely city, very small and manageable.

    1. Oh Maureen, we LOVE Chichester! My husband grew up in Selsey and went to school there so we spent quite some time there. I would live there in a moment! Lovely to hear from you and if we do make it back to the UK you might have to make me a cuppa ;-)