Wednesday, March 2, 2011


After a highly scientific study of UFPs (Un-Finished projects) and their behaviour, I have made a breakthrough discovery that I want to share with you all - Sewspace.
Sewspace is the state in which a sewist and her stuff exists. However, when a sewist's stash reaches a quantum state of balance with their UFPs, Sewspace destabilises. Research concludes that the only way to stabilise Sewspace is to either create more UFPs, sell a bunch of stash on trademe, ebay or Fabricabrac, or just buy more fabric. This last approach seems to be the most tested. 
Occasionally the theory is expounded that finishing UFPs will also achieve this, but as yet, the theory is completely untested.
If one buys and makes up fabric immediately, it generates an anti-UFP field which means that, nature abhorring a vacuum as it does, another UFP will magically complete itself, to restore the balance...unless, hmm, it means that a seemingly almost completed UFP turns out to be a write off. Hmm, and as this seems to be more true than not, clearly, we should NEVER make up a fabric recently purchased, as it may irrevocably destabilise the Sewspace time continuumuumuum.
Sewspace also explains why there is more fabric shoved into my cupboards than is physically possible, why it mysteriously either disappears entirely, or new pieces I have no recollection of acquiring appear. Likewise patterns, haberdashery and sewing-related gadgetry.
Do you have any further evidence to add to the study?
My thanks to Dr Ornata for her valuable insights and personalised research into the field of UFP behaviour. It is brave scientists like her that make it possible for sewists everywhere to get away with buying way more fabric than they can ever sew up in a lifetime, and then have fun justifying it! hehehe.


  1. My experience suggests that giving unusable fabric away to charity results in acquiring loads of usable fabric, and an additional piece of less apparent usability.
    Fit that into your theory wherever it fits.

  2. I'm so tempted to play the devils advocate and do all the things you're not supposed to do and see what happens to my sewspace! But that would mean finishing ALL my UFOs!