Saturday, March 12, 2011

London, a city of Shiny Things

I did promise to bring back shiny things, but there are plenty that I couldn't fit in my luggage!
Isn't he gorgeous!

On a building facing the Thames. Very tasteful...
Weathervane on the London Aquarium, I think, hence the fishies.
Do we love this as a name of a pub? Apparently the spot it is built is where it happened. The letter is very shiny...By the way, my favourite pub name to date is The Slug and Lettuce...
 On Oxford Street. So cute!
I LOVE this! Not gold shiny but tile shiny. The steps to a hotel in our street.
And lastly, a rampage of Popes in white Satin down in Picadilly. For a moment there I was back on Cuba St during the Sevens!
There is so much more that is shiny in London. The streets may not be paved with gold, but plenty else is there. Or bronze.


  1. LOve the photos Mrs C. The steps.. gorgeous.. did you get a close up.. have a great holiday.