Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Early Birthday to me!!!

I have big everything. Big feet, big body, big wrists, big head. Shoes, necklaces, watches, hats; they never fit me. Shoes have improved, but ladies watches, much jewellery especially costume stuff, rings, bangles etc, never do. I live with this, oi vey.
Hats are the worst. My head measures 62cm and I've not met a soul with a bigger head. Hats usually stop at 56cm.
Why am I telling you this? Not to get empathy, but thank you if you feel for me, it's always nice to be 'got'. No, it's because today in Glastonbury, I found something so amazing I just had to have it. I am not sure how to get it home yet.
Fans and friends and family and followers, I present to you my new tophat. It fits. And yes, you are not imagining it, it does have a pair of steampunk goggles around it. I couldn't resist! Why would I! The only time I will wear it is to do steampunk (mind you, that sounds like Famous Last Words type talk) so when presented with such an exquisite accessory at a very reasonable price that I doubt I could make myself, I folded.
And in the very same shop (called Lilith, btw) MrC bought a fantastic black coat.
I think Glastonbury is my spiritual home. I thought Bath would be but it WAS NOT (more on that later). Wells and Glastonbury totally, utterly rock.


  1. Cool hat. Good find, really, I imagine (although steampunk is not something I see myself doing anytime soon).
    And I can relate. My head's probably smaller than yours, but 56 cm would not suffice, and the only straw hat I own is a man's hat.

  2. That's a seriously great hat. Clearly it has to be worn, so a steampunk event will have to be created to provide that opportunity.

  3. Eric my love, it's as good a reason as any! :)
    And David has a similarly fab purchase to show off, photos to come :)

  4. Oh that's so you Mrs C. But what the hells a steampunk event??? And by the way I thought I had the biggest head but I've measured it now.. only 57cms. Maybe I've lost weight???? haha

  5. PS Happy Birthday whenever it is Mrs C. I'm sure you'll find a few more early birthday presents.. or maybe late ones..

  6. KJ, Steampunk is a 'movement' based on the premise that steam remained the technology of choice and became far more advanced. The look of Steampunk is very H G Wells or Flash Gordonish; Victoriana with lots of brass and copper embellishments, often clockwork.
    As for an event, it's an opportunity to dress up in one's best steampunk outfit and play up! :)