Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Living in an icing bag

Would you? Live in an icing bag I mean. When we got to Kent and East Sussex, it appeared to be all the rage.
 One for chocolate, one for vanilla perhaps?
An extra one for pink icing?
The mind boggles! I did have vague recollections of seeing these or reading about them but after consulting some locals it turns out the icing bags are oast houses. These were built in the 19thC for kiln drying hops. The nozzle on top is a chimney cowl. Converting them into homes is very de rigeur.
I do worry about the British though, with their straw roofs, icing bags and frankly pretty crazy building techniques over the years, none of which seemed to involve either straight lines or right angles! My father would have a fit if he saw them! hehehe


  1. Oooh, I knew what these were right away! They have one of these down outside of Nelson. So far no one has tried to turn it into a house though!

  2. I'm kind of glad it took me a wee while to click as the initial impression of icing bags was just so enchanting we got to have fun with it! Hop driers is not nearly as fanciful ;-)